Keys may be checked out at the TLC Tech Desk. By submitting the following reservation, I understand that:

  • My group may only book a room for a maximum of two hours per day. If no one needs the room, the reservation can be renewed on the spot.
  • There must be at least three members of my group present when we check out the key.
  • If we arrive more than 10 minutes late, we forfeit the reservation for the time slot.
  • We must be current University of Maryland (College Park) faculty, staff or students and have a valid UMD ID in order to check out a key.
  • We will return the key once our time is up.
  • If we do not return the key on time, we will be charged $5 for every 5 minutes it is late.
  • If a key is lost, we will be charged the late fine plus a replacement fee.
  • The Libraries are not responsible for items left in or stolen from group study rooms.
  • I must reply to the confirmation email in order to complete my reservation.